Monday, May 15, 2017

Black on Black/ Filthy Casual x Gunnars

SO stoked on this collab between Filthy Casual and Gunnars! Love both of these companies and the people behind them to death! Such a sick opportunity. Safe to say these are my new faves and I will cherish them forever!

LIMITED EDITION. Go snag a pair NOW! only 300 available :)
Use code "CaptainHanski" at check out for 10% all Gunnar products.

ALSO so much awesome stuff on sale at right now, so if you've ever wanted anything, now is the best time!

First set wearing:
FC Gunnars HERE
BFC Tshirt: Here
Sweater from Reckless Girls
Leggings from ALO yoga
Boots from TUK footwear
Ring hat (random find from ebay :p)
Mercury lite knit shoes from Native Shoes (last few photos)

Hannah Rays Social Media:
Shop items my closet and past photo shoots: HERE

Mercury lite knit shoes from Native Shoes

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