Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pastel Dreams

Fun day hanging out and shooting some photos with Ron the other day and finally got to meet the lovely Stacey who was visiting from England <3

Eva cropped sweater from Nun Bangkok
Jeans borrowed from Stacey (from Topshop)
White sk8-hi's from Vans

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Photos by Ron Khy
^(shot on film)^

Some bonus photos I snapped of Stacey as well:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Filthy Pastel Casual

Glitch shirt from Filthy Casual
Shoes and flannel from Vans

Tried a new shade of Pink/Pastel in my hair using Clairol's FLARE ME color: "Make Em Blush Pink"- Can be found at Sally's Hair supply.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Black on Black/ Filthy Casual x Gunnars

SO stoked on this collab between Filthy Casual and Gunnars! Love both of these companies and the people behind them to death! Such a sick opportunity. Safe to say these are my new faves and I will cherish them forever!

LIMITED EDITION. Go snag a pair NOW! only 300 available :)
Use code "CaptainHanski" at check out for 10% all Gunnar products.

ALSO so much awesome stuff on sale at FilthyCasual.com right now, so if you've ever wanted anything, now is the best time!

First set wearing:
FC Gunnars HERE
BFC Tshirt: Here
Sweater from Reckless Girls
Leggings from ALO yoga
Boots from TUK footwear
Ring hat (random find from ebay :p)
Mercury lite knit shoes from Native Shoes (last few photos)

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Mercury lite knit shoes from Native Shoes