Friday, January 31, 2014

Once a Vans Girl, Always a Vans Girl.

San Diego is the BEST, romped around Gaslamp strutting my stuff in this full blown Vans outfit.
Vans is and always will be a favorite of mine, ever since I was in middle school. 
They tastefully accommodate and compliment the fashionable tomboy, punk rock, alternative girl in us all.

April bralette top from Vans 
The Freja Animal Skort from Vans 
Leopard print square cat sunglasses from Vans 
(only available in black on the site, find in store)
Shoes:  Vans106 Mid
Holographic clutch from Vans 

Leather jacket from Forever 21
Lip color from Limecrime makeup
Pizza ring from Snatch n' Feathers!

Vans Girls links: Shop | tumblr | twitter instagram << click

All photos taken by Ron Khy, edits done by myself with his permission.
Makeup done by Frenchi

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jeffrey Campbell Nirvana

Shot with my favorite people over at Tiltedsole again this weekend.
All photos taken by Ron Khy, edits done by myself with his permission.
Makeup done by Frenchi

Wearing the Jeffrey Campbell; Nirvana in blue from Tiltedsole Shoes
Black suspender dress from H&M
Neon bralette top from Tilly's
Leather jacket from Forever 21
Lip color from Limecrime makeup

Tiltedsole links: Shop | tumblr | twitter | instagram
Hannah Ray's links: Shop my closet | tumblr | twitter | instagram

Wearing the Jeffrey Campbell; Nirvana blue from Tiltedsole Shoes
Black suspender dress from H&M
Neon bralette top from Tilly's
Leather jacket from Forever 21
Lip color from Limecrime makeup

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Team Death | Drop Dead

Sporting one of my favorite UK brands DROP DEAD
Team Death socks I could pass up *weakness* Styled with their Men's F*CK Eveything Tee

Dropdead instagram: @dropdeadofficial
Dropdead twitter: @dropdeadUK

Bonus images// silhouette test image of my friend Jordan and the beach at sunset from same day.