Thursday, May 24, 2018

April Outfit Recap

Doing majority of my sets and content for Patreon now so posting everything there first but still wanted to share and keep my blog/portfolio going here fashion/blogging wise.

SO enjoy these!!! Way more on patreon and much more often<3 font="">

First outfit: Dress from Volcom
Shoes: TUK footwear

  Second outfit:
Top from Volcom (old swim top)

Third outfit: Sweater from Dimepiece/ BAIT
Glasses; Dollskill
Pants: Tillys
Shoes: Vans

 Fourth outfit: Overall dress from Volcom
Glasses: Dollskill
Shoes: Vans

 Firth outfit: Top Vans x Lazy Oaf
Skirt: Storenvy

Shoes: Vans x Lazy Oaf

 Sixth Outfit: Jacket from Volcom
Leggings from ALO yoga

Shoes from Vans


Bonus Sets Darshelle helped with/was a part of in April

Monday, April 23, 2018

Views In Paris

Jacket from Volcom
Strappy crop underneath from killstar/dollskill
shoes: vans


Fur coat from Forever21
shoes from Public Desire

Body suit from dollskill
Swimsuit from Volcom
glasses from dollskill