Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ninjas in New York

Had a wonderful short and sweet 3 day trip to New York over the weekend!

Day One:
Flew all night and arrived early in the morning, grabbed coffee with 30 seconds to spare before missing the train into the city from the airport. Checked into the place we stayed at in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and dropped off our things and then headed straight to my first appointment in SOHO at the Glamour kills office near little Italy. Did a little interview and photo shoot after getting a small tour of their office space.

Lunch time! Went to Lombardi's, The first Pizzeria in NY opened in 1905. 
Wandered SOHO and Little Italy for a bit then 30 rock and Rockefeller plaza.

Also went to Central Park and Sheeps Meadow, Bryant square, Grand Central station  and Times Square.

(iphone photos)

Day Two:
Spent most of the day in Chelsea/Manhattan

Walked the Highline and viewed the Hudson river. Went to the Museum of Natural History in upper west side. Went back and got Artichoke pizza in Chelsea which was AMAZING! Stopped by the Chelsea Market and visited the Wine Vault which had a ton of fun and awesome stuff.

Then in the evening we walked all of  Williamsburg,  visited the Brooklyn Oenology winery for some tastings then went to an awesome rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel.

Simpsons tee shirt from Bait, by eleven paris

(iphone photos)

Day Three:
Shot around Brooklyn and went to the Brooklyn Brewery,  found some awesome record shops and a rad toy store that had everything from old movies and vintage toys to magazines and anything else you can imagine.

Found an awesome little bar/pub that had great drink deals with FREE pizza and skeeball and big buck hunter in the back, was a blast.

It was hot and humid all day, then shortly before leaving that evening it started pouring, followed by lightning and thunder storms.

Photography by  Ron Khy. Edited by Hannah Ray

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