Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hannah Ray x Ninja Shirts

Shot sample product shirts that had arrived last week that I plan on selling soon. Still perfecting the designs some. But here are some preview images of similar things to expect.

The black cropped shirt was just a fun sample we messed with that I cut up on my own,. Probably wont be selling this, but in the future may do a different cropped design that's similar!

The white shirt pictured here features the image directly in the middle/center, we've decided to double print this image on the new shirts, one image with be off center on the middle and the second print of the same image will be on the side of the shirt, they look pretty cool! 

You can also purchase prints on my store, and be entered to win a free t-shirt when they are done!

Leggings from Drop Dead Clothing

(just a fun test/outfit shot wearing clothes from

Photography by  Ron Khy. Edited by Hannah Ray

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