Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bring Me The Horizon

Sunday night I was able to attend the last night of the American Dream Tour at SOMA in SD and (attempt) to photograph Bring Me The Horizon. The show was a blast and completely insane. Everyone in the bands and at the venue were so helpful and friendly in making sure I was able to make it into the pit and use other locations to safely attempt shooting, met some other rad photographers doing the same thing and over all it was a great night!! I didn't have both my lenses on me and the lighting was much more difficult here than at the last show I attempted, but none the less it was fun and more practice for me! I still have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to this element of shooting and this lighting/environment and I madly respect those with the skills and talent to enter into such a career. 

Earlier in the day I shot Hannah Pixie Snowdon for TUK Footwear and had a blast, keep an eye out for that followup blog post coming soon.


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